First Blog of 2018...and Ever! Alterations, Amendments & Advice!

I have started this blog in a bid to reach out to brides to give them guidance and reassurance about getting their wedding dress altered.  So many brides come to their first fitting with me and don't really know what is going to happen to their dress and importantly, what can happen to their dress.  A good percentage of brides haven't worn a wedding dress before...It isn't an everyday activity that you can really compare it to, so no wonder brides find the experience a bit daunting. I love it when I have a creative client who has a bucketful of ideas of how they want to customise their 'off the rack' dress, but I'd also like to let the other brides know what other alterations or customisations can be done with their dresses.  Some are obvious, some aren't.  Sadly, I can't be there when the brides are shopping for their dresses to offer suggestions on what other potential a gown might have, so I will show examples of what is done, from quite normal alterations to what can be done, repairs and customisations. 

Im starting with an oldie but a goodie.  The Train.  

Some brides LOVE the mega train, and why not!? If your venue is big enough to take it and you want to make an entrance, and heck, when are you ever going to get to wear a wedding dress again?!? Then get your bridesmaids on full train duty and waft that bad boy out!  BUT, if your dress has arrived and you think, 'Oh........that won't fit down the aisle.' Or 'That won't fit in the low seated classic car' or 'how am I going to walk down my beach aisle with all that material behind me?!' get the idea, then don't panic!  Most dresses can have the train shortened and it will be OK.  The train would get pinned in your fitting so you can see a length you like, then it would get cut and finished to look exactly like it did before...but shorter.  Even a lace edged hem can have the train shortened.  The lace of a dress is appliquéd on, so the seamstress carefully removes the appliqué, shortens the train and sews the lace back on.  This takes ages, believe me, so don't leave it to the last minute! 

Loads of brides end up deciding to shorten their train when they realise some of the practicalities of getting married and wearing a long gown,  and it always looks great, really.  If done correctly, your train should look like it was always that length and no one other than you would know it was ever any longer! Your bridal boutique should be able to reassure you that it is achievable, so ask if you love everything about a dress, but just want a little less of it!

Here is a Pronovias dress I altered for a beach bride who just wanted to get around her destination wedding a little easier!


Next Blog: Sleeves Please!

If you have any questions I haven't answered then always feel free to get in touch!x