Lots of brides dislike a part of their body, and a repeat offender is the top arm.  Try as you might, it's a really tough part of a woman body to tone up, believe me, I did every type of lift, dip and curl to get my arms toned for my wedding!  

If your arms bother you, brides to be have requested boleros to be made for their wedding.  The great thing about the bolero, is it gives you coverage without being hot, and if you're feeling a bit more confident later in the day, you can whip it off and you've got a whole new look for the evening reception.

I regularly make boleros, and they are made to measure for each individual bride and their wedding dress needs.  The style of dress will often dictate the details, the neckline or fastening for example, but within reason you can have whatever you want.  Normally they are made from a lace fabric which is as close a match to your dress fabric as possible and fastened by lots of tiny buttons, hook and eye fastenings or a tie, usually at the back.  Other boleros have been made from silk organza and tulle.  Easiest thing to do is just pop a load of pictures below and you can see the type of thing you could have made!  If you are thinking of having a bolero or cover up made, then get in touch!x