Wedding Dress Alterations: The fitting process & TOP TIPS!




Lots of brides at their first fittings ask the same questions: So, how does it work? How many fittings will I have? How long will it take? When do I need to stop loosing weight by? How many people can I bring?  Keep reading and I will answer these questions with the process laid out and you might be able to start planning once your dress arrives!

I like to start dress fittings with my clients 6-8 weeks before the wedding. It allows plenty of time to complete the work required on the gown, as well as schedule in fittings with the bride.  Lots of brides find themselves very busy in the build up to the wedding with events, so it’s not worth leaving anything to the last minute and being organised.

The process normally requires 3 fittings which take 1/2hr each and ideally no more than 3 guests accompany the bride, opinions are always helpful, but too many can create confusion…


The gown gets pinned as and where appropriate by the seamstress, using knowledge of how a dress should fit, where and how to navigate different fabrics and styles.  You will be asked to confirm if the fit feels better and if you are happy with the pinned changes, then the dress gets whisked away to a studio where work begins!


By this stage all of the work has been done to you dress that was pinned at the first fitting.  Here you can see the dress fitting you like it was made for you and at this stage you need to stop with any weight loss incase the dress needs further alterations.  Equally if you have changed your mind about footwear, this is the moment to do so as the work will be done between this fittings and the last.  There should however, at this stage just be final tweaks and finishing touches to get the dress fitting and looking absolutely perfect.


The final try! At this fitting, you try on the dress and look and feel great, and know exactly how you will look on the wedding day.  


-Bring your wedding underwear, pants, bra, stick on cups, etc.  If you don’t want to wear a bra, cups cane sewn into your dress, just ask your seamstress.

-Bring your wedding shoes.  It is really important to bring your wedding shoes so the hem can be pinned to the correct length.  

-At the 2nd fitting it might be worth bringing along your veil or jewellery so you can see how all of the elements look together. 

-Don’t wear fake tan, it will rub off on the dress even a little and it wont always come out

-Keep makeup to a minimum, especially foundation as this will rub off on the dress

-If you have ideas for how to customise your dress, bring images to your 1st fitting to discuss with the seamstress