Pregnant and getting married….How to accommodate your bump in your wedding dress!

Thankfully we live in a a time where there isn’t a stigma about being pregnant when you get married!   As I write this I have just put my 20month old to have a nap while the small bump currently growing in my own tummy is making itself known!

I see more and more brides who plan to walk down the aisle with a baby on board that it’s no wonder there’s a huge amount of choice on the wedding dress market now, which can make you look elegant and still like a beautiful bride and not squashing you into a gown not designed for pregnancy.

There are so many styles out there which are perfect to allow for growing baby bump.  A soft floaty dress from French Connection would make a perfect low budget gown, as would the bump accommodating multiway from BHLDN.


Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 15.57.43.png

BHLDN 'Ginger'

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 16.00.02.png

French Connection at John Lewis

High end gowns like this uber grecian design from Vera Wang and ‘REAL’ from Atelier Pronovias would give you a luxury feeling but allowing plenty of fabric to glide over your bump and most importantly give you comfort.  

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 16.07.34.png

Vera Wang


Pronovias, 'REAL'

Or, why not have something made from scratch which will suit your specific needs!?  Both dresses below were bespoke pieces I made for clients which had chiffon or silk fabric around the tummy and both had straps to hold growing boobs in place...Perfect for bride mums-to-be!  Check out my website for more examples of my


If you find out you are pregnant before the wedding and you’ve not bought the dress, then aim for something soft and loose.  An empire line gown will not restrict you around the waist and will give you growing space in the right areas.  Remember the rest of your body totally changes shape; your boobs will get bigger and across your back may broaden slightly, so if you are able to influence the size of the dress you are ordering, go for two sizes up at least, and if it needs taking in then that's not a problem...Always a little to much than not enough.

If however, you’ve bought your dress and you get pregnant during the wedding planning, don’t panic!!!  Within reason, there is quite a lot you can do to a dress to create more space in the required areas.  My first tip is don’t leave this until the week before the wedding.  Even though I know my clients will change shape, I’d rather meet with them 2 months before the wedding, knowing they will grow and allowing plenty of time to alter and adapt the dress (with extra room) for growth.

A common alteration is to insert a corset back…


This bride was about 5 months pregnant with twins and her back had broadened a bit so we removed the sheer top and made the dress strapless which also gave her boobs more breathing room, and added a corset back to give her more space overall and meant she could loosen it as the day goes on.  If you are pregnant, you will find that towards the end of the day your bump gets uncomfortable or feels bigger so do allow yourself flexibility with the dress.  A corset back works great for these circumstances.  This bride had also pickled a dress with a really full skirt which was great as she had room for the bump to rest in and wasn’t being squashed.  If you have bought a dress already and have become pregnant, and have any questions about what can be done, please feel free to ask me any questions via my website or email directly,

Depending on the style of dress you are committed to, panels can be inserted, pleats can be added, seams can be let out.  As with most things wedding, planning and booking in is key.  Don’t leave booking your alterations to the last minute.  Chat with your seamstress and find out the options and time frame to get your dress looking and feeling how you want.  As I’ve said before, we want you to look and feel good, so plan ahead and book in those fittings to make sure you’re dress is perfect!xxx