Wedding underwear...Big or Small?


Making and altering wedding dresses gives you an insight into the different types of wedding underwear nearly ever week!  When I got married, I thought I’d wear something really pretty and ivory - my husband even bought me some lovely undies to wear but the reality of what goes on under the dress is a heap of nude coloured spandex and tape!  Whip the dress off and your new spouse might get a surprise!

The truth is, ‘white’ under ‘white’ or ‘ivory’ under ‘ivory’ shows up just about as much as if you wore pink pants under your dress, especially if the gown is lighter and with fewer layers of fabric to hide under!  

If your gown is light and floaty or really plain and a close fit, you need to go skin colour.  A white knicker will 100% show in certain lighting so just stick to skin tone.  I encourage brides to come to their dress fittings wearing the underwear they plan to wear, to check if you can see through the dress, and to make sure they see the dress in natural day light to see what can be seen.  These dresses can also show every lump and bump so even if you go for a thong, sometimes you can see the top line of the underwear and it can create a crease.  Just make sure you test with your dress before the wedding…no one wants VPL on their wedding day!

If you go small, I’d recommend something as plain as a no VPL nude from good old M&S and they will do the job brilliantly.    

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 19.30.43.png

The other end of the extreme is the full body control underwear.  I see literally every size bride wearing control pant, from size 6 anything and everything beyond.  I do think you get the best results (for all sizes) with a control pant.  They start so high and end so low, there’s no chance of any VPLs or creases being made by seams around your hips, that you just end up looking streamlined, especially in a slim fit dress.  Stick to skin tone (again, another delightful surprise for your new spouse when you take off your gown!  Don’t worry, you’ll be too tired too get cosy after the wedding day, you’ll just want to curl up and sleep anyway!)  Lots of dresses have lower backs, so be mindful of where your dress end on your back and definitely take the underwear to your dress fittings to make sure you cant see your monster pants!  You can go worse than VPL, and that’s a giant pair of Spanx poking out above your dress…. The horror!!!!! Your seamstress wont mind at all taking the correct underwear to your fitting, to check that your expensive dress isn’t totally ruined by your pink unicorn knickers.

From clients I’ve met over the year,  winners have definitely been the good old classic, SPANX.  

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 19.43.03.png

The SPANX are so effective, if you really want to commit to the smooth line, they are definitely the way to go.  

The catch of the SPANX which comes up a lot is the intensity of the control underwear.  Once you have them on with your dress and start thinking about spending a whole day wearing them, just take a moment to think about being able to comfortably breathe, go to the toilet, drink and eat!  If these things are important to you, maybe go for a gentler control pant which gives you control but comfort as well.   Lots of my clients have gone with good old M&S, Primark (i was a bit surprised at) Next and Debenhams, either going with the full short to under bust shape wear or the shape wear slip which works equally well.  


Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 19.45.07.png
Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 19.47.50.png

If you have a fishtail dress, it will be more structured and more layered than a soft dress, and combined with shape wear you will get warm - just another thing to bear in mind!…as if you didn’t have enough!

As well as the overall aesthetic, your comfort is so important, so make sure you are.  You’ve put in so much effort, for probably quite a long time, into this one day, so make sure you are comfortable and can enjoy all of the things you’ve put all of the effort into.  Try and test when and where you can, and don’t be afraid to ask.  The wedding experience can be daunting sometimes, but most people are nice and ultimately want you to look and feel good, so if you need to try things out, just ask!

Next blog I’ll be sticking with what goes on underneath, with suggestions about bras, cups and tape!  xxx