Alterations for your wedding dress can cover a huge variety of changes to a gown, ranging from a straight forward shape and fit to make sure an "off the rack dress" looks made to measure, to customising a gown to make it look totally unique and different to anyone else who has worn it!  There are so many things you can do to a wedding dress, whether it be brand new or a sample - adding or taking away sleeves, adding beadwork, adding a belt, changing a neckline, lowering a back, changing the fastenings.......the list goes on. 

I break down my alterations into packages, as nearly all dresses require the same list of adjustments.  If you need any extras beyond the package list, prices are itemised below.


All Packages Include: (Price is variable depending on complexity of the work involved)

  • Taking in the bodice (bust, waist & hips) to fit
  • Adding padded bra cups if required
  • Altering straps if required
  • Shortening the hem
  • Adding a hook up/ bustle for the evening
  • Basic repair work if the dress is a sample (this does not include replacement of larger missing elements, i.e. appliqués or straps.  Replacements will be an additional fee)
  • Maximum 3 fittings.  Additional fittings will be charge at £40 per fitting)


GOLD £220 :  A dress which has several layers, or lace detail/ straps/ sleeves/ a matching jacket which needs to be altered/ requires a lot of hand sewing or lifting and replacing of beadwork. Typical Platinum dress designer would be Alan Hannah/ Pronovias/ Sassi Holford

SILVER £200: All the same requirements as a Platinum package, minus alterations to straps/ sleeves and a jacket.  Typically a strapless lace Pronovias dress for example

BRONZE £180:  A chiffon lightweight dress, with only 2-3 layers and some embellishment.  Generally quite 'grecian' in style.  Examples include Pronivas, Amanda Wyatt.


Individual Prices

  • Take in/ Let out side seam £40-£60 (dependant on intricacy of beadwork)
  • Lift Shoulders (within a strap or a sleeve) £30
  • Take in sleeves £30
  • Shorten sleeves £30
  • Shorten hem £80-£120 (ranging from a simple few layered chiffon to a lace finish)
  • Add padded bra cups £20
  • Bustle up for the evening £10
  • Lower back £80
  • Change neckline e.g. from a straight top to a sweetheart £40
  • Detachable skirt option (only possible with certain dresses) £80
  • Add decorative buttons (22 buttons is the usual length of the zip) £40
  • Add functional buttons (22 buttons with buttons loops so the zip is totally concealed) £50
  • Raise height of dress from knee (if you are petit and wanting a fishtail style for example) £100
  • Make new/ Replacement sleeves (short/ capped) £50
  • Make new/ Replacement sleeves (3/4 or full length) £70 
  • Replacement zip £40
  • Insert corset back £90
  • Attach belt £10
  • All repair work on samples will need to be quoted upon seeing the dress either in person or with clear photos and an approximate price can be quoted.  


Wedding dresses altered include:

Caroline Castigliano - Monique Lhuillier - Johanna Johnson - Pronovias - Alan Hannah - Justin Alexander - Mia Mia - Amanda Wyatt - Sassi Holford - Lou Lou - Lusan Mandongas - White One -Intazurri - Madeline Gardner - Sophia Tolli - Mischka Badgely - Ronald Joyce - Mon Cherie - Kelsey Rose - Dessy - Ella - Forever Unique - Coast - Monsoon - Phase Eight